10 Best BDSM Dating Sites on the Web

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If you're into BDSM and you want to date other people who are into it also, then you'll love this detailed guide. Today, we're going to let you know how to have fun on BDSM dating sites. And we have reviewed twelve amazing BDSM dating sites that many kinky people use and appreciate. Once you've gotten the inside scoop on the best BDSM sites for bondage and domination/sadomasochism, you'll be ready to start playing.

People who love BDSM aren't really a rarity. This kind of sexual play is increasingly popular these days and it's always had a strong following. Novels such as 50 Shades of Grey are all about domination and submissiveness and 50 Shades of Grey was so popular that it was turned into a high-grossing feature film in 2015.

If you want to get your kink on with like-minded people who aren't going to judge you for wanting sexual play that isn't vanilla, then you'll love the BDSM websites that we are going to put under the spotlight today. They are great places to find new playmates who love the same things that you do. Once you've read about them, pick one that sounds interesting and then get to know prospective sex partners. It's really that easy to have fun at these BDSM sites!

#1 Alt.com

Score: 4.9/5 -

Editor's Top Pick - The Best BDSM Dating Site

Alt.com is designed to cater to those with niche fetishes and fantasies that are decidedly alternative, it features a user-friendly platform which makes it easy to meet like-minded people. If you want kinkier sex partners who understand what you like and why you like it, you'll love searching on this site. It gets strong ratings in terms of services, prices, member quality, user-friendliness and customer satisfaction.

This is one of the most famous BDSM dating sites in the world, so why not check it out today? When you do, you'll find that the possibilities are virtually limitless. Plus, this website is a lot of fun to use. You'll discover the searching for partners is really entertaining and addictive...Read More

#2 BDSMdatingonly.com

Score: 4.8/5 -

Today, the number of BDSM dating websites is fast growing as more and more practitioners are seeking for a likely partner. BDSMdatingonly.com tops the list as the best BDSM dating sites.

There are many reasons why BDSMdatingonly is definitely the best BDSM site to explore countless bondage interests for kinky BDSM play. It has the fastest response speed, the safest network system, the most efficient features and has the most intimate & friendly 24/7 support. Through broad reach, it connects people all over the world. With the high number of features available, It has become the "Facebook" for BDSM & Fetish enthusiasts. This is the best place to hang out all the day not getting bored. The website must invite more and more young people to join the BDSM dating games. BDSMdatingonly should do more to attract young guys and girls, to make this site fresher. A good site should be shared to all.

#3 FetLife.com

Score: 4.7/5 -

The Most Popular BDSM Dating Site

FetLife is quite famous. It's a social media website which helps people who adore BDSM, kink and fetish to get to know each other. It's basically a version of Facebook with a kink focus! If this sounds good to you, we encourage you to create a profile at Fetlife today. It's different than a lot of other competing BDSM sites because it's actually a social network, rather than a real dating site. If you want to make friends who love BDSM just as much as you do, you'll love this community. Sure, there are options there for hookups. However, you'll also get to learn about other aspects of member's lives.

Right now, this popular social media website features a large member base and counting. Rules for signing up have changed a bit. In the past, new members had to be invited by active members. Now, it's possible to get a new account verified via a text message which is anonymous. With this in mind, you should find that signup is quick and easy...Read More

#4 MatchBDSM.com

Score: 4.4/5 -

If you want to meet singles who love BDSM and are actively search for new and kinky sex partners, then you'll love what MatchBDSM has to offer. This online dating site is free to join. And it features thousands of men and women who have the same sexual preferences that you do. This website doesn't vet members, so anyone may join. With so many people using MatchBDSM, there's bound to be a lot of people who meet your standards. This is a good thing.

You'll find a lot of diversity in terms of who's there. You should be able to find new people who fit your tastes and then engage in hot chat which leads to sexual encounters which just may feature a bit of latex, a pair of handcuffs or other BDSM essentials. Signup will take just minutes and we find that this website is easy to use, even if you've never tried any type of online dating service before.

#5 BondagePal.com

Score: 4.2/5 -

BondagePal is another typical site for people who want to find BDSM-minded partners. According to reviews, BondagePal does display a lot of ads. If this is something that you want to avoid, just check out another sites on the list instead. The ads means that it is free to join. If you don't mind ads, you'll find that you have good odds of connecting with other bondage fans. Signup is a straightforward process and you may customize your profile to your exact specifications.

Since it's free to use and a lot of people do rely on the site, it's well worth a closer look. It's a basic dating site with all of the usual bells and whistles, so it won't be complicated to use. You'll be able to get up and running at the platform in a few minutes. We think that you'll enjoy meeting sexy and kinky people at this popular website.

#6 BDSMDatingChat.com

Score: 3.6/5 -

BDSMDatingChat is just right for people who want to enjoy BDSM fetish daring. It attracts a lot of people with a diverse array of kinks, from candle wax fetishes to foot fetishes and beyond. Anyone may use and enjoy this site, whether they are female, male, couples or trans.

This BDSM site has grown a lot over the years and many people depend on it to find new and kinky playmates. In fact, it's marketed as the number one fetish dating website in the world. Whether you want sexy chat alone or an encounter in real life, you'll find that this is the ideal place. People come to the website from all over the globe, so you're bound to come across people who are just your type.

#7 MyBDSMHookups.com

Score: 3.6/5 -

If you're a guy who's submissive and you want a new mistress who will take pleasure in showing you who's boss, you'll absolutely love this MyBDSMHookups. It has a great design which is really modern and it's also easy to use. If you dream of finding a dominatrix online who understands your desire to be submissive and indulges it, then your odds of success will be great when you use MyBDSMHookups in order to look for a new partner (or multiple partners).

Women who use this site are all about domination. Their cruel kinks are designed to drive submissive guys wild. Informed consent is emphasized at this website. It's about playing and exploring power dynamics. If you want to learn more, be sure to drop by this popular dating site today. You'll find some sexy woman who are definitely in charge.

#8 Bdsmu.com

Score: 3.2/5 -

If you're based in Canada, we think that you'll appreciate Bdsmu. It's a Canadian online dating site for people who love a little (or a lot) of BDSM. If you're into this lifestyle, you should know that the makers of this website are, too. They've created this site which is user-friendly, intuitive and so much fun.

Whether you're into the BSDM basics, such as ball gags, or prefer something a bit more hardcore, you'll be able to connect with partners who understand. We also love the fact that it is free to use. When you choose it, you'll be able to browse private pics and actual profiles and then start to flirt. You may find that Bdsmu gives you the power to bring all of your hottest fantasies to life!

#9 Fetster.com

Score: 3.5/4 -

Another exciting place which is ideal for BDSM and fetish fans is Fetster. It is one hundred percent free to use and it's ideal for singles who want some kink, as well as loving relationships. Perfect for those who find discipline hot. Fetster is also the home to many other types of fetishists, such as cuckolding fans and foot worship fans.

In fact, you'll find that a dizzying array of kinks and fetishes are celebrated at this easy-to-use BDSM site. Look for like-minded partners based on their ages, locations and genders. Scrolling through matches at this website will be a great way to pass the time and you'll find that you're tempted to reach out to many people who share your sexual interests. There are so many hot and fit people using Fester at every hour of the day and night...Read More

#10 BDSMDate.com

Score: 3.4/5 -

BDSMDate.com - If you're a resident of Vancouver, you should head over to this dating website right now. It's just for people in your city who love hookups of the kinky variety. You'll be able to sign up for free, which is a nice perk. Once you've signed up, you'll be primed to meet local subs and doms. BDSMDate features lots of great interactive elements, such as fetish chat rooms and BDSM chat rooms.

It's also got plenty of live streaming action and hot video introductions. If you want to find real-life partners in your city, you'll benefit from creating a profile at this popular website today. It's a great place to find playmates who love all of the same sexual activities that you do.

#11 BondageDating.com

Score: 3.2/5 -

BondageDating is designed to connect single women and men who like serious bondage. When you visit this site today, you'll find mistresses, doms and people who have some fascinating fetishes. Whether you want a bondage partner that you date all through your life or prefer something more casual and short-term, you'll find that this dating site offers you a host of possibilities. It's a popular platform with bondage lovers from a host of different cities.

If you're tired of BDSM dating sites which are populated with bogus profiles and the profiles of "pros", then you'll find that BondageDating is refreshing. It gets strong reviews from plenty of kinky people. Use the internal search engine to find dates who share your tastes and turn you on. Getting started with this platform is incredibly easy. So, why not try it today?