Almost all of us have heard of the numerous regular dating websites that have popped up around the internet. In fact, some of them are almost as old as the internet itself, dating back to the 1990's. These websites have been a saving grace for many a single person. But so many of these websites are tailored toward a traditional dating experience. What do you do if you have an alternative/BDSM dating lifestyle?

A number of alt lifestyle websites have popped up, including both generic alt lifestyle websites and specific ones tailored towards kinks. These websites are a great place to go and find your next match. Whether you are looking for something long-term or a short-term match, these sites offer all of the features you need.

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Out of the many different dating sites out there, offers you a great option for a generic alternative life dating site. No matter how your dating life is considered alt, you can find a home on Even those who are not experienced in alternative lifestyles can find a place there. That being said, the main market for is those who are looking for bondage and/or fetish play.

When it comes to dating, is a pretty full featured website. It offers a standard matching feature along with additional community features that you will find helpful. is very much focused on community building. Most members decide to join at least a few of the groups that are available. Groups are sub-communities of like-minded people, led by like-minded people. For example, you can join a group for people who are new to the fetish community.

The chat room is also a big community building area. The lobby chat room almost always has the most users and is where a lot of members turn to find a connection. You have the ability to instantly talk with any number of people you want both in public chat and private chat. Chat rooms are available for specific user interests too.

Number of Users is able to boost that it has a large number of users, with over 2,000,000 user accounts and 600,000 users active every month. That may not sound like a lot of users but it is more than enough for you to find at least a few matches. Out of those 600,000 users, you will find just about all kinds of people from all walks of life. Straight, gay, bi, and everything in between. Both women and men.

A small number of the accounts on are owned by scammers. These users will try to get information from you or to get you to send them money. Avoiding and reporting these members will help to keep yourself and the other users safe. If someone asks you for money over just move on.

Cost of Membership

You can create a free account on and still utilize a limited amount of services on the site. That includes a limited search feature. For all more advanced features, you will need to get a paid account. There are two different levels of paid accounts, a silver account, and a gold account.

Silver members give you access to the ability to contact other members and have second priority in search results. You also have the ability to view intro videos for other user's profiles. Limited access to blogs and forums is also provided, along with customer support features.

Gold members get full access to every feature on the website. Here are the costs of the different memberships:

Free Members: Free

Silver Members: $19.95/month

Gold Members: $29.95/month

If you are looking to live an alternative lifestyle you wouldn't suffer from joining With you get access to more features than many other websites. There are alternatives out there though so make sure that you check out our other reviews before you make a significant investment. You can also find a number of tips and tricks to help you enjoy a BDSM and alt lifestyle on our blog.

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