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How To Be A Submissive?

In BDSM there are typically two roles, the dominant and the submissive. During different types of BDSM scenes, these roles may take on other names such as Master/slave...Read More >>

How To Be A Dom

Dom, short for dominant, is the person who is in control during a BDSM play. Just because the dom is officially in control, doesn't mean that it is as easy as that...Read More >>

Spice Things Up - Clips & Clamps

BDSM is a wonderful way to expand your horizons in your relationships. There are a lot of different methods of play that you can engage in. From Domination/submission to bondage. For each...Read More >>

How To Spot Scammers

BDSM is a fun and exciting world, unfortunately, there are just as many scammers out there as there are real people in the BDSM world. The problem is there are many...Read More >>

Why Consent Is Key?

BDSM is exciting and a lot of people have recently discovered it due to Fifty Shades of Gray and the popularity of BDSM on the internet. With that there are many people...Read More >>

The Dom/Sub Relationship

BDSM is a wonderful world where there are plenty of things to try and explore. It is also one that is alluring to many people. Each person explores that world in...Read More >>

BDSM Aftercare - What Is It?

BDSM is a very popular kink in the open minded environment of the modern world but a lot of people still have more to learn. They also still have questions. Today we...Read More >>

5 Red Flags In BDSM

A BDSM relationship is one that is supposed to be built on trust. Limits are important and so is consent. Without trust or consent, your relationship isn't BDSM. It is abuse...Read More >>


BDSM is a world full of kinks and sexual experiences that from the outside might appear unusual. To those who have taken the time to try it and learn about...Read More >>

Why You Should Give It a Try?

There are a lot of different dating trends out there but BDSM is one of the most erotic that some people are hesitant to participate in. But the BDSM lifestyle is an...Read More >>

How to Stay Safe

The online BDSM dating world can help you to find your dream sex companion with ease. But to date a person online, it is essential to ensure your own safety...Read More >>