Fetster Review

Connecting the world is just one of the reasons that the internet came about and it has certainly done that.One of the many ways the internet has connected the world is to provide websites for them to search for dates. Hundreds, if not more, dating sites have popped up around the internet. These sites offer a great traditional dating experience but what if you want something other than traditional?

If you are looking for BDSM dating, you can find websites that are specifically dedicated toward fetish and BDSM dating. Sites like Fetster make it much easier to find a partner. Like with regular dating websites, it can be tricky to find a BDSM dating site that works and isn't a scam. To help you with that, we have done our research and written a number of reviews of BDSM dating sites.

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Brief Look At Fetster

A number of BDSM sites have appeared over the years and some of them have become big names in the industry. Fetster never made itself a big name in the industry but that doesn't necessarily make it a bad option. From the first look at the Fetster website, you can tell it is pretty plain. The black background and the text is slightly hard to read. It lacks the polish and formatting that many dating sites have.

No matter what kind of dating website that you are looking for, most dating sites charge in order to use their services. A free account might be available but they have limited features. Fetster changes the game by making it free to use their site.

Fetster isn't just a dating site. It is meant to also be a community. A forum allows users to interact with each other and become a true community. The forums is where a majority of the fun happens because you can interact with each other and get to know other users. User groups are also a smart idea. You can join groups that are designed to connect users of similar interest who may be looking for friends but not a specific date. These groups can also act as a search featuer.

Finding Other Users

In order to find other users on the Fetster website you can use the search feature. The team at Fetster has spent a lot of time working on their search feature to give users the tools they need to find each other. Whether you want to filter by age and gender or by what you are looking for you can. Out of all of the site, besides user profiles, the search feature appears the most polished.

Some people consider the search features and quality of Fetster profiles like handpicking your next BDSM partner, down to the last detail. You can find the right sexual orientation, right desire, right physical appearance, right location, and dive even deeper. Fetster allows you to look for someone's openness to drugs or their education level. Income level is also an option that you can look for.

Member Base

Having a fair amount of members is important for those looking for BDSM dating. You not only need to find someone that meets your physical needs but someone who is interested in the same BDSM activities. The Fetster website has a large number of members but unlike other dating sites, Fetster does not remove users that have been inactive for a long time. When you message someone, you may be messaging a person who hasn't been active for a while.

The admin team at Fetster does a great job at removing fake or scam users from the website. That means you won't have to worry as much about those trying to get your information or direct you to other sites. It also means that you are less likely to get duped by someone pretending to be a match. Safety at Fetster is taken seriously.

Out of all of the BDSM dating sites you can choose from, Fetster would not be our first choice but it does make a good choice if the other options out there don't work for you, it wouldn't make a bad option. Want to take a look at the other options you have? We have written reviews for some of the other major BDSM dating sites and make sure to read through them. You can also find a number of other articles, including BDSM dating tips on our blog.