Tinder for BDSM? 10 Best Kink Dating Apps for Fetish Sex

Anyone familiar with online dating has heard of Tinder. It's the most popular dating app in the world and is responsible for all the latest trends you see in online dating, with most other BDSM&Kink apps imitating Tinder to some extent.

It is easy to see why many BDSM Tinder alternatives are popping up. While the app is unquestionably popular, with millions of active users, most of the people there are looking for more vanilla hook-ups or general romance.

This means you don't always find people with niche interests on Tinder, especially people with kinks! Yes, there are certainly plenty of kinky people on Tinder, yet you need to look long and hard to find them! Instead, you want to use one of these alternative BDSM dating apps to find the perfect match for your own kinks and fetishes.

Tinder BDSM


As the name suggests, BDSMdatingonly is a dating app that focuses on all aspects of BDSM. This means there are plenty of kinky people looking for casual fun, with countless users that love all things BDSM.

So, whether you like bondage, dominance and submission, or sadomasochism (or a bit of everything!) You can find like minded kinksters here.

For instance, there are over 1 million active users in the US alone! You can search through all these users using filters to help find people with your favorite kinks, with all kinds of hook-ups, and casual sex to be expected.

Most of the features on the app are free to use, and it functions similarly to Tinder. This makes it easy to navigate, and if you enjoy what you find you can pay for a membership to unlock even more cool features.


Fetlife is a combination of a dating app and Facebook, but for kinky people with various fetishes. There is a thriving BDSM community on the app, which boasts an impressive 10 million members - and that number is only growing.

There is a lot of stuff to enjoy on the site, which primarily focuses on content sharing, like on a social media page. This means plenty of kinky photos and videos to enjoy, and maybe even a match with a like-minded kinkster if you play your cards right.

Again, this a highly active community, so expect to spend lots of time chatting on the various chat rooms, reading blog posts, and browsing the many personals for kinky fun. The site even arranges meet up events, which is a great way to find local kinksters in your area!

It is worth noting that the app functions best on Android devices, which includes chat functions and Google Maps for finding nearby kinky events. There is an iOS app which has some features, although fewer compared to Android.


Don't be fooled by the name - Vanilla-Umbrella is very much a kink and casual sex app that is well worth checking out.

The app functions like Tinder, with a pairing based system helping to find local matches. It uses a sleek interface that is easy to navigate, saving you time and effort searching for matches.

One of the most unique aspects of this kink dating app is that it is only accessible via an invitation. Simply sign up for the app and follow the instructions to receive an invite.

The process is more time consuming than most other apps, although this also means that most of the users are real and there are few fake profiles. In fact, it remains one of the safest kink dating apps, offering complete privacy and security for all members.

Speaking of profiles, a lot of users are already in open relationships, so if you want to enjoy kinky fun with couples or swingers, this is a site worth your time.


Another dating app with an interface like Tinder, KinkD has a growing community of kinky singles and couples looking for fun.

The company markets itself as a kinky alternative to Tinder, with most of the same features and functions as the popular dating app, including matching, chatting, profiles etc. This is great for most people dating online, as Tinder is the most well known app, so you should find it quick and easy to use.

A big draw of the dating app is the verification process. Users need to undergo photo verification to ensure they are a real user. This may seem a hassle initially but it means there are virtually no fake or dead profiles, which is always an issue on most dating apps.


If you love many types of kinks and fetishes, then be sure to check out Whiplr, a popular BDSM dating app with a huge user base. Over 1 million people have already signed up for the app, which uses a location based matching system to pair you with local kinksters.

This app has all kinks covered - there are 230 fetish categories to browse in! This includes straight, bi, gay, lesbian, and trans users, while virtually any kink is covered. So, whether you like to be a cuck, dominate a sub, or enjoy any fetish you can think of, Whiplr has you covered.

It is simple to use, with a matching system pairing you with a user, which you can opt to chat with. If they agree, you can use the messaging feature that includes texts, calls, and photo sharing. There are also other features like group discussions and info on live kink events.


If your kink is swinging, threesomes, and general fun with other couples, then Feeld is an app worth downloading. The focus of this app is pairing singles with couples that want to enjoy all kinds of kinky fun.

This app comes with an excellent interface, which is sleek and intuitive, making it easy to navigate while feeling fresh and modern. Like many apps on this list, it uses a matching system like Tinder, pairing you with profiles of singles and couples, depending on what your preference is.

For any swingers out there, this is an app worth your time, while there are plenty of useful filters for finding more niche fetishes you are interested in.


One of the newer kink-based dating apps, Kinkoo launched in 2017 and has been steadily growing since. It uses a sophisticated matching algorithm to pair you with like-minded kinky people, with the strong vetting process meaning almost every profile is legit.

A cool feature is the Kink Feed, which is essentially a social media homepage where you can post thoughts and kinky photos of yourself. This is good for giving other users a better idea about yourself and your kinks before you start chatting, so it is worth filling out.

People can even like your posts and photos, sending roses to show their interest. It's a great way to find people with similar kinks and fetishes to your own, increasing the chances of other users matching and chatting.


This dating app focuses on a more niche aspect of BDSM - roleplaying dominance and submission.

So, rather than being a dating app, it is more of a habit tracker. A sub can be tracked by a dom, allowing them to see how they are doing with their tasks. If they do well, they can be rewarded, if not, they can be punished with a poor rating.

Essentially, the app takes your sub/dom relationship to a whole new level. For example, a dom can set all kinds of tasks like when to go to bed, when to clean, when to workout - all things that the sub can either do well or poorly.

So, it's not going to match you with a new person, but if you love taking on dominant and submissive roles with a partner, this app is highly recommended for your kinky activities.


If your kink is all about no-strings, casual sex, then be sure to check out dating app Pure. This app aims to make it quick and easy to find a casual hook-up, with everything else an afterthought.

To achieve the quickest hook-ups possible, users are given one hour to match and chat with other users. After the hour, the profile deletes itself, forcing you to start over. The idea is that by giving you limited time, you are both upfront about what you want.

It certainly works, as any hook-up is arranged within one hour. So, anyone that has lost hours on Tinder trying to get a number will know how appealing this feature sounds!

The app is intuitive to use, making it easy to find matches and start chatting immediately. If you are sick of time wasters on dating apps, Pure is worth a download.


If you are in a happy relationship but want to explore more of your kinkier sides together, then Spicer is an app worth consideration.

It uses an interesting premise that is based entirely on couples, who use the app to start chatting about their more intimate sexual desires. Basically, it wants to get couples to start talking openly about what kinks and fetishes they want to try together but are too afraid to bring up in person.

Simply have both of you download the app and sync your devices, after which you answer various kinky questions. You then see what questions had matching answers, showing that you have shared kinks worth exploring.

So, while it's not great for finding a hook-up, you can use this app to explore all kinds of kinks with a partner. Remember, you don't need to be in a long-term relationship - it can be a great way to explore more fun with someone you just met.