Humiliation Kink - Best Guide for BDSM Humiliation Play

Humiliation kink is a popular component of BDSM play for many. Typically a favourite amongst subs, slaves, and bottoms, humiliation play is commonly incorporated into many aspects of BDSM. For example, many people enjoy being physically bound while also being verbally humiliated.

But what exactly is the appeal of being humiliated? Why do so many people in the BDSM community love to give or receive some form of humiliation? How do you go about exploring the humiliation kink as a beginner?

We've got all your answers covered in our comprehensive guide to BDSM humiliation play!

Humiliation Kink

What is Humiliation Play?

Humiliation play, also known as erotic humiliation, is a type of kink that uses humiliation to achieve sexual arousal. As with most aspects of BDSM, humiliation play is entirely consensual between all parties involved in the activity.

A humiliation kink provides erotic excitement for the person being humiliated, while the person providing the humiliation often gets some form of pleasure from too.

The type of humiliation varies from each person, with some receiving verbal humiliation, while others are physically humiliated. Many times both physical and verbal humiliation are used to arouse the person being degraded.

Is It Always Sexual?

Like most BDSM activities, humiliation play is not always sexual or accompanied by sexual activities. In fact, sometimes there is nothing overtly sexual about it. This is because the person being humiliated may get more satisfaction from the feelings obtained when they are being degraded.

As a result, a lot of people enjoy humiliation play that is completely online!

Conversely, a lot of people with a humiliation kink love to incorporate it into their sex life, usually alongside other aspects of BDSM. For instance, some people love to be verbally humiliated while being physically stimulated, such as being whipped, spanked, or bound. Cuckolding is also a type of humiliation play involving sexual activity.

The Roles of Humiliation Play

While not always accompanied with clear role dynamics, most people taking part in BDSM humiliation play have roles. For example, the person being humiliated is typically a sub/slave, while the person doing the humiliating is a dom/master.

This is because the associated feelings of being a sub - such as being powerless - often go hand in hand with feelings of humiliation. People in dominant roles usually get satisfaction from the power they feel when humiliating someone.

Again, as with all aspects of BDSM, there is always a spectrum for humiliation play. Some take on clearly defined roles, while others take time to explore their dynamics, often involving themselves into a unique role that is suitable for their specific desires and pleasures.

Types of Humiliation Play

Humiliation is subjective, meaning any type of humiliation that turns on one person won't always turn on the next. Some people love to get publicly humiliated with physical and verbal acts, while others enjoy some basic name calling during sex.

However, due its popularity there are some types of humiliation play that have become more prominent than others. Let's take a closer look at some of the main types of humiliation play in BDSM:


Verbal humiliation is probably the most common type of humiliation play. This type of roleplay involves verbally humiliating the person through things like name calling and insults.

Name calling is a great place to start with humiliation play. You can do this during sex or during BDSM roleplaying, with the sub being verbally humiliated by a dom. It's an easy way to test the waters and see whether the arousal from being humiliated is something you like.

Degrading names is a good option for beginners! It can be done in complete privacy and doesn't even need to incorporate BDSM - you can try it out during normal sex and foreplay.

Also, it's not always one person talking! The person being degraded may want to talk here too, such as being forced to say a phrase over and over or agreeing with anything they are being called.

In any case, the idea is to use consensual verbal humiliation to provide erotic excitement. There is plenty of room to explore this kink, so be sure to have fun with it!


Physical humiliation is often viewed as being more extreme than verbal humiliation. Yet this is a misconception, as physical humiliation doesn't always involve physical acts designed to hurt the person - it's about making them feel worthless through humiliation.

So, there could be all kinds of physical activities used to humiliate someone. These are often accompanied by verbal humiliation, although this is down to the personal preferences of those involved, and whatever boundaries are set beforehand.

For example, a popular aspect of physical humiliation is dressing up. A type of role play, this involves dressing up the recipient in clothes they would not normally wear.

This could be a man being forced to wear lingerie or women's clothes, or a woman may be forced to wear kinky costumes to show that she is merely an object to evoke feelings of humiliation. They could be name called as they do this, showcasing how verbal and physical humiliation are often intertwined.

Another popular form of physical humiliation is tasks. You can easily humiliate someone by giving them a degrading task to complete, such as cleaning a toilet or serving a meal, possibly while wearing a humiliating outfit.

During sex, physical humiliation could be some mild impact play like a spanking or the dom being the only person allowed to climax. Again, there is room to explore these things to see what really works best!

Remember - Consent is Always Key

Before dipping your toe into the world of humiliation play, it is important to have a discussion with your partner. Set clear boundaries for the person being humiliated, including terms that can and cannot be used, along with what physical activities are allowed.

Never cross a boundary during humiliation play! Given the strong emotional content of being verbally and physically humiliated, it is important to communicate all aspects of consent before you start.

Talk about terms that could be triggering and discuss aftercare to ensure the person being humiliated is treated with care and respect. Also, as with all BDSM play, set a safe word to ensure that you can stop should things get too uncomfortable.