How To Spot Scammers

BDSM is a fun and exciting world, unfortunately, there are just as many scammers out there as there are real people in the BDSM world. The problem is there are many negatives to contacting a scammer. From wasted time to stolen personal information, the negatives of talking to scammers can result in a lot of downfalls.

Because of the amount of scammers out there it is important that you avoid them. Today we are going to discuss the best ways to spot scammers when it comes to the online BDSM dating world.

Spelling and Grammatical Errors

While the average person can have one or two spelling and grammar errors in a message, they are not full of them. Most scammers are not from English speaking countries, and as such, their emails/messages will be full of errors. They might also overuse terms such as LOL or IDK in attempts to make themselves appear hip and with the times.

They Go Straight To Talking About Sex (Moving Too Fast)

An instant red flag in the BDSM sites is someone who goes straight into talking about sex or other BDSM activities when you first begin messaging. Despite some members of the BDSM community looking for fun, not a relationship, they don't want to go straight into sexualized talk. Instead, conversation starters are the normal.

You don't have to know each other's deepest secrets, but you do need to make sure that you are compatible with each other.

Moving too fast in general could be a sign of either a scammer or someone who might be a sociopath. Terms like "missing" and "love" shouldn't be used anywhere near right away. In fact, if you don't feel comfortable using them yet, they shouldn't be using them. Be extremely wary of anyone who starts to move fast.

Check The Profile

The first hint that you are dealing with a scammer is a small profile. Scammers don't spend the time to create huge back stories. In fact, almost every backstory is very similar.

For example, one of the most common stories is that they are a business professional who is working overseas. They say that they will be returning very soon. The scammer wants to find someone to start a relationship with when they return.

Other stories are people who are weary to meet up because they have a child that they don't want to find out. Widowers and widows should always be considered a caution.

Stock Appearance of Photographs

Sure, a small population of the online dating world will have stellar photographs, especially those who are models. For the majority of photos though, the accounts should appear normal. They shouldn't appear like they came from a stock image website or straight out of a magazine.

If an image appears too perfect be wary. Some dating websites will allow you to right click and download the image. You can then use Google Search By Image to locate where else on the internet that image appears. Should it appear on a stock image website, you know that the image is fake and so is the user.

Profile Discrepancies

When you are talking with someone on the messaging or chat features of the dating website and something doesn't feel right, take a look at what they are saying and compare it with their profile. A common occurrence for this is when someone mentions that they have been away but their profile shows they have been online within the last few days, or even are currently online.

This is part of the reason that you should take the time to read every profile thoroughly. It will help you to establish whether or not someone is telling the truth. More importantly, it will help you determine whether or not someone is a match for you.

Online dating is one of the best ways to explore BDSM. It allows you to find other people without having to worry as much. It also helps to ensure you are meeting fellow BDSM lovers. But spotting a scammer is important, you only want to make real relationships. Use these tips to keep yourself safe on the internet when dating. Keep in mind that some of these tips will help you to spot a scammer elsewhere on the internet with slight modification.