KEY Sub Punishments and Rewards That a Dom Can Use

The world of BDSM is quite fun and fits almost every lifestyle. One of the hardest parts of getting into BDSM is coming up with submissive punishments and rewards. We are here to help you with that, in this article we are going to take a look at some key sub punishments and rewards that a dom can use with their sub.

Sub Punishments


Punishments are quite commonly one of a dom's favorite parts of a BDSM relationship. They can be quite fun and vary quite a lot. It is important to balance punishments with rewards though. Take a look at some of the key punishments dom's should have in their back pockets.

Impact Play

One of the most basic punishments that you can utilize is impact play. A simple spanking, a belt, or paddle can get your point across, and you don't even have to be that hard. Make sure to balance your impact play with your sub's preferences.

Delayed Orgasm

Delaying a partner's orgasm can be quite infuriating but at the same time builds up the sexual tension in the interaction, making the experience even more enjoyable. The longer you delay the orgasm, the more of a punishment it will be. Some Doms will also completely forbid their sub from orgasming during a scene.

Cold Showers

Some people like a cold shower but that isn't that common. A cold shower is a great way to cool off a scene and to zap some of the horniness from your sub. You could also do a cold bath with ice cubes if they were especially bad but for safety reasons make sure that the bath is not too long.

No Underwear/No Clothes

Those who are especially kinky, like wearing no underwear in public. For those who aren't kinky or are shy, a great punishment can be to not be allowed to wear underwear in public. Remind your sub as you are out in public to help enforce the punishment. Sometimes this can make even the kinkiest of people feel like not wearing underwear is a punishment.

To add a bonus to this, forbid the sub from wearing any clothes at home. While this is punishment it can also be exciting for all parties involved. Make sure to take any chance to give a spanking as your sub walks by and/or tease them.

Chastity Devices

Chastity used to be used as a form of punishment for crimes but now it has become a common form of punishment in the world of BDSM. You can get chastity devices that prevent your sub from getting off and are locked on so only you can take them on. These make for a great punishment.

Chastity devices come in both female and male options and also come in a variety of different forms. No matter what you (and your sub) enjoy, you can find an option that works for you.

Have Them Serve You

Sitting back on the couch with a cold drink and food can be great. It is even better when you have it served to you. Have your sub serve you while you relax, watch a game or play some video games. Make sure that your sub knows that they aren't done when they have served you, they need to clean up too.

To make this even more enjoyable, have your sub serve for a party with some of your friends. Don't make it too hard, just enough to make it a punishment. You want to match the punishment to the crime though.

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Rewarding your submissive is just as important as punishing them. A good reward can fuel your submissive to have a great time and thus make your time even better. It also helps to keep the party going. Here are some of the key rewards you can offer your sub.


Praise is a great tool in any relationship, including a Dom/sub relationship. Make sure to praise your submissive when they do well and when they obey. Good girl can be a simple praise that you can give your sub.

A Good Date Night

One of the things that most subs like is going out on a good night. If your sub behaves well both in and out of the bedroom, take them on a good date night. Make the quality of the date night equivalent to how good they are. For example, pick a better restaurant if they are especially well-behaved.


Massages are one of the best rewards for anyone, whether they are a sub or not. A massage keeps the whole body relaxed and works wonders on mental health. Make sure to time the massage right if the sub wants it so that they can get the most benefits from the massage. After work can be one of the best times to give a massage.

You can also pay for your sub to get a professional massage every now and then but that ruins the romantic aspect of being able to give one yourself. If you want her to be able to get a higher quality massage, take a class on giving massages.


Giving your sub coupons for activities that they enjoy or to simply spend time with you can be a creative way to reward your sub. They don't have to cost anything and can be very personal, giving your sub a higher sense of enjoyment.

Spend the time making your own coupons and personalize them to make them a higher reward item. We recommend having a variety of coupons ready so that you can reward your sub in the moment but also so that you can have rewards sized right to fit what your sub did well.

Just about anything can be used as a reward or punishment, it all depends on your relationship and preferences. Before making a final decision on any punishments and rewards it is important to talk with your partner to gauge what they like. Establishing limits is also important. Start with these ideas and go from there to help dream up some of your own punishments for your sub. And you never know, your sub might have some great ideas, it never hurts to ask!