Findom Fetish - The Kink You've Never Heard Of Before

Findom is a type of kink or fetish that a lot of people have but it is one that isn't talked about often. Findom is short for Financial Domination, a kink where a dominant partner controls the finances of the submissive. It is a massive world with a lot of different things going on. Today we are going to help you learn about that world.

Findom Fetish

Who is a Part of Findom?

We already mentioned that Findom involves a dominant and submissive but like many other types of BDSM kinks, these roles take on their own name when they are part of Findom. A dominant in Findom is often referred to as a Findom or Dominatrixes, however, the dominant is also free to request the use of their preferred terms. Submissives also go by a lot of terms. One of the most common is a pay pig. Human ATM, ATM, or money slave.

When it comes to exactly who is a dominant or a submissive in a Findom relationship, exactly who takes which role is hard to describe. Anyone and everyone can be a pay pig and the same for the dominant. The roles are also not limited to straight people. There is also a whole world of gay Findom.

How Does Money Control Work?

Findom is all about money control. Looking at it from the outside, it is hard to understand how the money control works. Like with everything else in a kink relationship, it varies greatly. At the base level, one of the most basic things is one time payments. These are most commonly used for Findoms who webcam models or other one time encounters.

On the other extreme are pay pigs who turn over their whole paycheck to their dominant. The dominant then returns just enough for the person to meet their needs. If the pay pig wants to use money for anything else, they will have to ask their dominant. Whether their dominant gives the money for that extra expense is completely up to the dominant.

Also like with any other kink, it is up to either party when they want the relationship to end. Consent is key.

What Happens in Exchange For Findom?

One of the biggest questions people have is what does the submissive get out of the Findom relationship. Again, our answer has to be, that it varies. One of the biggest things that submissives get out of the relationship is the thrill of not having control over their money. We have come to rely on money as a society, and without it we have a sense of lack of control and power.

For some Findom relationships the money is all that happens. The relationship does not extend beyond there. There is no sexual component to it. For others it continues on beyond then. They enjoy any other kind of kink in exchange for the control of the money. Of course, limits are set by both partners and what happens is up to those that are involved.

Where to Find Findom

You can find Findom in a lot of different places. Many of the same places that you would find a traditional relationship, you can find a Findom relationship. The problem is that it is a little harder to search out a Findom relationship, or any kind of kink relationship, at a bar or similar location. You often can't just bring up the topic easily.

Better options exist when it comes to looking for Findom partners.

BDSM Dating Sites

BDSM dating sites like, and are a great option. They offer a place online where you can find people that you wouldn't normally meet. When it comes to looking for kink, including Findom, it helps to look at dating sites that are specifically geared towards kink dating. You don't have to worry about whether users are kink-friendly or not.

Webcam Sites

Another place to find Findoms is on webcam sites. Models often offer Findom services to their clients. This can be especially helpful for those who are looking to have a one time Findom experience as you can simply interact with them on the website whenever you want.

BDSM communities

BDSM communities are also a great place to start looking. While these aren't specifically dating sites, they are places where you can interact with like minded people and build connections. That includes connections such as finding a Findom for your financial kinks.

No matter what option you use, when looking for a Findom online, we recommend that you select a quality site that takes precautions to keep their users safe. You don't want to end up falling for a scam while looking for a good time.

The world of Findom is quite large and there are a lot of people that are interested in the intriguing experiences they can find in the world of Findom. Finding the right partner is key. You want someone who will make the experience enjoyable and will honor your limits.