How Does Mistress And Slave Relationships Work?

You may have heard of a mistress and slave relationship on the internet, on a dating site, or even from a friend. If you have found this article you were probably curious about what that all entails. A mistress and slave relationship is a unique type of BDSM relationship that is founded on trust and female domination.

Today we are going to help you get a better idea of how a mistress slave relationship works. We are also going to examine some of the things that you need to know about such a relationship.

Mistress And Slave

What Is A Mistress and Slave Relationship?

A mistress and slave relationship is a BDSM relationship style based on domination and submission using the role of mistress as the dominant and slave as the submissive. The relationship is one of power exchange with the woman in the controlling position. However, as an exchange of power, both sides have power.

Every BDSM relationship is unique but most fall into one of two categories. The first category is only BDSM in the bedroom, the other is BDSM around the clock. Of course, both can come with varying degrees, for example around the clock might exclude while your partner is at work.

What you do as a slave and what you command as a mistress can always vary too. Some people keep it simple by just asking for basic things such as to perform sexual acts while others take the roles more seriously and ask their partner to do things such as clean, make food, or otherwise carry out daily chores ontop of sexual favors.

The key to this type of relationship is that it never crosses the line of limits. You don't want to move from a fun and trusting relationship into something you might have seen in 50 shades of gray.

Establish Limits First

One of the first things you should be doing if you are interested in having a BDSM mistress and slave relationship is to establish limits. Limits are an important part of any BDSM relationship that tell a partner what is and isn't okay. Even as a dominant you cannot push a submissive to do something that violates their limits.

Limits can vary greatly from not wanting to be called names to not wanting to do anal. It can be awkward to have your first conversation about limits but once you have it, it will make any scene more enjoyable.

It might help to also cover safewords as these will help to tell your partner when you are uncomfortable, they are getting too close to your limits, or your need to stop for any other reason.

How to Find a Partner for Mistress/Slave Relationship?

At one point in time it was somewhat difficult to find a Mistress/slave relationship, you would have to either stumble across someone who was interested in such a relationship or know the right groups to look in. Now there are plenty of options on the internet to find a Mistress or slave. The internet can also help you to connect with local groups that are for BDSM.

You can also find a partner at local events and groups that are in your area. Many BDSM community groups host BDSM events, activities, and classes to help you not only find a partner but to learn new techniques and activities for scenes.

Be Open to Trying New Things

A major part of being in a Mistress and slave relationship is being open to trying new things. BDSM is a large world and there are so many things to try, probably many things you haven't tried before. If you aren't open to trying new things, you never know what you are missing out on.

The best way to maintain and enjoy a BDSM relationship is to go out there and look for new things to try. Repeating the same scene every time can be quite boring and will often lead to a relationship ending so that a partner can go find new things to try.

Many people around the world enjoy BDSM relationships and a good number of those are Mistress and slave relationships. With the internet you can quickly find a match for a BDSM relationship. Make sure that you find the right site so that you can find the partner that you are looking for quickly and can get to trying new and exciting Mistress/slave tasks.