Dominant And Submissive - 6 Things To Do

Those just getting started in the world of domination and submission might not know where to start. This is okay, and completely normal. While power play has been around for ages, many people are still under educated on the fun ways of the world and are shy to learn more. We are going to cover some activities to try as new members to the world of Dominant And Submissive.


The idea of taking on the role of someone that you aren't (and even someone you could never be) is appealing to many people. Maybe you are the maid working for a hard boss, or a student and a teacher, either way, there are many kinky activities that you can try out with either set of roles. Roleplay is perfect because it allows you to explore what you like and develop both parties identity in the power play world.


Bondage is so common in the bedroom that many people don't consider it kinky, but it still involves an implicit Dominant and submissive. There are so many different tools for experiencing bondage. You can try ropes, chains, handcuffs, leather, or a number of other things. You can also go light or get up to extreme bondage and suspension.

Sensory Deprivation

When you take away one sense, all of the others start to heighten. This can make BDSM dating a lot more enjoyable. For example, touch is heightened. The two easiest senses to block are sight and sound. A simple blindfold is cheap or you can use a scarf. You can also get earplugs at just about any convenience store or grocery store. Construction earplugs typically block the most noise.

Light Pain

For those who are into vanilla sex, pain isn't usually something that they will enjoy. For those that are willing to have an open mind, pain can be something that is quite fun. Light pain can take any number of different roles, clamps, spanking, pinching, and biting are just a few examples of pain that you can try.

Every person who enjoys pain, enjoys it in a different way. Including toys in your light pain play can enhance it.

Leave The Bedroom

The bedroom is what most people think of when they think sex. Domination and submission works differently. It involves role playing and engaging in the scene. Instead of staying in the bedroom, embrace the scene and open up the rest of the house. You will get more of a thrill and it will feel realer.

You can feel free to use the backyard or somewhere similar. What you don't want to do is involve people who don't want to be a part of the experience. Think wisely about the places you use.

Include Punishment

If the submissive does something that they are not supposed to or acts without seeking permission, they should be punished. Punishment doesn't have to be something serious, it could be temporary denial or it could be a spanking. Either way, it helps to build the scene and enhance the experience.

Make sure that the submissive knows that they are being punished. In order for it to be enjoyable, they need to know that they are being punished.

Domination and submission is one of the most pleasure activities you can engage in with a partner. Many different acts of sex include Domination and submission in it, whether the partners recognize it or not. Dominants and submissives also go by a variety of names, the main thing is that someone takes charge and someone gives up control.

Take up a role and enjoy yourself! You are in for a wonderful ride.