10 Sites Like Fetlife - FetLife Alternatives You Should Try

Anywhere you look on the internet, you can find BDSM sites. They aren't all created equally. FetLife is one of the most well-known BDSM and kink communities on the internet. With that in mind, it isn't the right place for everyone to find their match. A number of other quality FetLife alternatives exist out there. In addition to that, there are many websites that are not worth joining.

Finding the right BDSM website can be difficult, though. Sorting through the good and the bad is challenging. How do you know which websites have a good number of users? What about which sites have the features you need? We are here to help. Today, we going to take a look at some of the sites like Fetlife out there.

Sites Like Fetlife


BDSMdatingonly.com is one of the most popular BDSM dating sites. The number one reason? It is a real dating site that you can join for free, to find a BDSM partner. Many sites you will stumble across are looking for money, and not as focused on finding a real partner.

When it comes to BDSMdatingonly, there are a large number of users, each with their own profiles that can be found through the powerful search tool. With the search tool, you can filter users you are looking for by kinks, and then you can also apply a filter to look for people who are interested in you (i.e., whether they are searching for a dominant or submissive).

For those who are looking for something specific, you can find ads on BDSMdatingonly. These ads help you to find your next partner, whether they are dominant or submissive. You can also post your own ads if you are looking for something specific. Ads are a great way to attract attention, as people are always looking through them to find their next partner.


Alt.com is the website for those who are living alternative lifestyles that include the BDSM lifestyle. You will find that Alt.com hails itself as something more than a dating site, it is a BDSM community, similar to FetLife. Some of the great features include a chat room that is active 24/7, a date-making section, video sharing, photo sharing, and forum.

One of the reasons that so many people turn to Alt.com is the user base. On Alt.com, you can find users who are into just about anything, many of the things you are interested in. No matter what time of day you can find plenty of people to talk to on the app. Most BDSM sites don't have so many users that are on all the time.


Anyone who goes to Fetster.com will at first think that they traveled back in time. Fetster is a private dating site and community for those who are in the BDSM world. The welcome page to the website is only a landing page where you must first signup or sign in. This prevents scammers and others from viewing accounts.

Fetster has been around for a while and as such they have built up a regular userbase. This userbase is constantly being added to by new people by a very welcoming community. Once you login you will find all of the features of a traditional fetish website that you may be looking for. Want to know what you will find on the website? Fetish events, photos, videos, blogs, forums, groups, and more.

Many people find themselves in the classifieds section as it has done a great job at filling the hole that Craigslist left behind when it closed its personal's section.


The name Fetish.com gets straight to the point, it is a fetish dating site. Just about anything you might want to find can be found on Festish.com. The BDSM community starts with the forum but there is also a great magazine that you can stay up to date with. The Fetish Chat is also very popular with people around the world.

Under the Kinky Map you can find local BDSM events and other BDSM activities in your area. People love that the flexibility of Fetish.com is a great platform for those who are looking to find an alternative to FetLife. The website is very similar while have a great platform for those who need something different. Something with its own unique community.


Thecage.co is a name that is a little more alluring than some of the other BDSM sites out there. Those who are more technologically savvy will recognize right away that Thecage.co is based on a forum layout. A forum layout opens the website to a lot of possibilities. You can quickly find different sections of the site. In the forum you can access everything from advice sections to looking for people sections. It turns out the forum layout is great for finding your next partner or getting the information that you need.

Thecage.co isn't limited to only the forum section. On the site you will find a number of blogs but also a powerful magazine. Both of these are great for getting into the BDSM community and learning about new things that you might be interested in.

There is also a personals section to help you find people for your next BDSM relationships.


Reddit is a powerful community. You can meet with people around the world. A number of different BDSM subreddits exist. One of the first that you will want to take a look at is r/BDSMcommunity. This is the general area for people to start getting into the BDSM world. You can post questions and look at other's questions.

Some people also use BDSMcommunity to help find their next partner. You can post to the community that you are looking for a partner and where you are and the power of Reddit will help make it happen.


Collarspace.com is another website that looks a little out of its time. The simple design has stayed with the website over the years to help make users feel at home and to simplify navigation. It has worked. The Collarspace.com has attracted users since it was created. The local users section is full of users in cities around the world.

Collarspace.com was designed to be more than just a basic dating website though. You can see live videos and watch prerecorded videos too. People have fallen in love with the Collarspace.com website and they keep coming back. Being able to view users by their name, age, location, and when they were last one the website, simplifies the search process a lot. A number of other filters are available such as max weigh, height, and what they are looking for. Collarspace.com is a great example of how a simple website can be one of the best solutions.

Are you looking to find a site that is like FetLife? There are plenty of sites that claim to be alternatives out there, the ones we picked for this article standout because they are more than just claims. The numbers of users that each site has attracted make them the perfect alternative to FetLife.