Tips For Female Dom Male Sub - Dominate Your Man Completely

The typical assumption is that women are submissive and men are dominant. While this is common, it is far from the only relationship out there. And it isn't the "typical" relationship. You will find both submissive and dominant mixtures of all sexes. It is also common to find switches, people who are both dominant and submissive.

Today we are going to talk about femdom, when a woman dominates a man. More specifically, we are going to give you the tips you need to dominate your man completely. Keep reading to find out.

Female Dom Male Sub

Start With Discussing Femdom With Him

One of the keys to a successful femdom relationship is open communication. Before you start sexual activity, you should have a discussion about your relationship. Setting limits is one of the important first steps, your sub's limits are things they won't do or don't want to do. Keep these in mind at all times. Also setup a safeword incase a scenario is too much or something goes wrong.

Beyond the negative though, take time to discuss what you both like. Turn-ons and kinks should be discussed during this period. As well as new things that either of you want to try. Think of this as setting the stage.

Create A Title

A good dom should have a title. What exactly that title is doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that you have it. For example, common titles for a femdom might be: Mistress, Ma'am, Miss, or something that signifies that you are incharge. Once a title has been decided on, your sub should use it whenever they address you.

Set Rules

We aren't talking about limits in this section, instead we are talking about rules. Your sub should know what they can and can't do. For example, they should know when it is okay to cum or to talk. Make sure he knows that he will be punished for violating the rules.

Give It Your All

There is nothing as depressing as a femdom who half-heartedly dominates their man. Put your all into your time with your sub. You don't have to be a ray of sunshine but it helps to put feeling into it.

Don't Wait For Him To Start Things

In what people consider a traditional relationship, the man is almost always the first person to start sexual activity. If you are going to be a femdom, this can't happen. You should be the one to initiate sex activities on a regular basis. This puts you incharge of when he gets to have pleasure, not him.

Have A Selection Of Good Punishments Ready

Punishing your sub when they misbehave is an important part of femdom. For many of us it is hard to think of punishments on the spot. It helps to have a good selection of punishments at the ready. Come up with ideas that will be both exciting and a punishment so that both of you can still have fun when punishing him. And move beyond spanking.

Try Something New As Often As Possible

The same old scenes or activities can get boring in femdom. It is important to try new things regularly to help keep the spice up. There is a lot you can try.

Push Him

At the same time as it is important to try new things it is also important to push your sub. Getting him to break out of his comfort zone is part of the fun of submission. While making sure not to push past hard limits, you can press soft limits with his permission and also probe the intensity of activities you have already tried.

Remind Him Of His Place

As you dominate your sub it is important to remind him of his place. Naming callling can help with this but so does physical activities such as ignoring him, making him do things that are below you, and otherwise showing him who is incharge. Not only is this exciting but it also helps to set the mood for your domination sessions.

Femdom isn't something that most people are born ready to try. Like with anything else in life it takes learning. With these tips you can start down the road to becoming a good femdom, one who can make twist their man around their fingers. But most importantly, remember to never stop learning.

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