Does Everyone Have a Kink?

Most of us have heard about kinks. Whether you've experienced it in your own dating adventures or heard it discussed on popular TV shows, kinkiness is firmly embedded in modern sexual culture to the point where it's considered normal to have a kink or two.

But does everyone have a kink? It's something that you might think going on how much you hear about all the weird kinks and fetishes people enjoy today, leaving many people to question their own sexuality for not having their own unique kinks in the bedroom.

Let's take a closer look at what kinks are, why we have them, and whether they're as common as we are led to believe!

Everyone Have a Kink

What is a Kink?

So, what exactly is a kink? It's an aspect of human sexuality where people enjoy non-conventional sexual practices or fantasies. The term comes from the word kink, meaning to bend, referring to the fact that someone with a kink has a 'bend' in their sexual behaviours.

Think of it has a non-traditional sexual activities. It's the non-vanilla of sex, where someone enjoys something a little less conventional in their sex life.

However, it's important to note that a kink is a very broad term. What is considered a kink is usually determined by the sexual culture of a certain time and place.

For example, many aspects of modern sexuality, such as roleplay or being choked, are considered mild kinks today but would be thought of as an extreme kink just 20 or 30 years ago.

Also, if you only occasionally enjoy a certain kink (like a threesome), is it the same as having a kink that you enjoy every time you have sex? It's hard to define for sure, with something that is kinky for one person being viewed as rather normal sexual stuff by another person.

For instance, is a person that likes to be occasionally spanked during foreplay the same as a person that loves to use BDSM dating sites to find someone to whip and dominate them? Both are kinks but one is more extreme than the other, giving question to what really defines a kink.

Therefore, a kink is often relative to the time and individual. We're seeing lots of kinks being explored and celebrated today, which is why it's often perceived that everyone should have a kink of their own.

Does Everyone Have Kink?

In simple terms, no, not everyone has a kink. There are many people that simply have romantic sexual relationships that don't involve anything out of the ordinary. However, this raises the question of what is considered ordinary, which makes the answer to the question less obvious.

For example, a kink can basically be anything that you like during sex or foreplay. If someone likes to get their ass slapped during sex, which is a fairly common thing, is it considered a kink? Many people take part in kinky stuff without even considering it a kink!

Plus, with so many kinks out there, it's getting harder to define what exactly constitutes a kink! Couples that tie each other up may not even see this as a kink, because by normal standards it's a rather tame thing to do in the bedroom!

Because of how broad of a term kink is, it is possible to say that most sexually active people have at least one kink.

For instance, if someone enjoyed a kink once time during sex but has never done it since, do they have that kink? They enjoyed it to the point where it can be considered a kink, but they've never done it again, so is it really a kink at all?

So, the answer is rarely straight-forward, with valid arguments on both sides of the coin. Regardless of whether you have a kink or not, always remember that is completely fine and natural